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Import & Export

Farotex is well introduced in the domestic and world markets and is representing few important producers from Romania, Europe and Asia.

Marketing & Consulting

We also carries on other specific activities such as marketing consulting studies, representation and commissioning warehousing and distribution.

Processing & investments

We deal with a  wide range of products in the field of chemicals, plastics, textile fibers, technical products and other commodities and consumer goods.

The Company

Farotex has been established in Bucharest (Romania) in 1993 having around 25 years of experience in the chemical and textile industry as well as other industrial and consumer goods.

During the years Farotex developed and performed a large volume of deals in Europe, North and Black Africa, Middle East, Asia, Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine. We are well introduced in  the domestic and world markets and we are representing few important producers from Romania, Europe and Asia.

Farotex is always opened to any fair business proposals to set up and develop long terms cooperation  for export and import as well as investments in any field of common interest offering our experienced executives and dinamic team.

Farotex has cooperation projects with Romanian and foreign partners concerning investments in production and trade. Farotex is a loyal and dinamic partner having as main goal to offer the best services to its customers.

We deal mainly in export and import of a  wide range of products in the field of chemicals, plastics, textile fibers and yarns, ready  made textiles, technical products, other commodities and consumer goods. We also carry on special orders for several own products on a processing base in cooperation with local and also foreign manufacturers.

Farotex also carries on other specific activities such as marketing and consulting studies, representation and commissioning, warehousing and distribution, retail trade by e-commerce.

Farotex is searching continuously for new projects and business opportunities in new fields such as  industrial engineering, recycling of plastics and metals, new energy resources, cars and transportation means, spare parts and equipments, new and modern consumer goods.


Chemical Products


Textile fiber and yarns

Ready made textile

Textile materials for technical purpose

Other Commodities

Own Brands

Technical products


  • 1993

    We have started with export of viscose filament yarns and polyester filament yarns in Jordan and other Middle East countries and we extended rapidly on other markets with staple fibers and spun yarns. We developed our markets and products' range on processing base, importing raw materials ( polyester chips , DMT , ACN , cotton fiber , viscose fiber ) and exporting finished products such as spun yarns and textile fabrics or knittings in Middle East, North Africa , Russia , Serbia , Italy .

  • 1995

    We developed our activity in textile fields on processing base exporting beside fiber and yarns also finished products such as curtains , blankets , bed sheets , technical products. We also extended our activity in export of chemicals and plastics (inorganic products , solvents , HDPE , LDPE , PP etc.) on new markets such as Turkey , Italy , Ukraina , Senegal , Congo , Cameroun , Libya , Yemen , Siria , Libanon .

  • 1997

    We extended our marketing & export activity in the field of chemical fertilizers and agrochemicals on few markets well-known to us such as Algeria , Libya , Sudan , Serbia , Hungary; we invested a lot of work and time for several years with very good results untill 2008 when economic crises affected several industrial sectors including fertilizer. Meantime we extended imports of polyester fibers and yarns for spinning and non-woven textiles from China and Taiwan based on exclusivity agency agreement.

  • 2008

    We have concluded representation agreement for import and distribution of chemical auxiliars for textile finishing with Spanish producers , in paralel with exports of textile products and industrial chemicals.

  • 2016

    We developed new range of products ( as own brands ) together with an young and dynamic team , produced in lohn in cooperation with local and foreign producers in the field of ready made textile , marochinarie (?) , shoes. We also work on new projects in automotive industry , new transport means and energy sourcies as well as recycling of waste of plastics and metals. We are always looking for new projects and cooperation opportunities with our local and foreign business friends.

  • 2017

    We started a new field of activities with media servicies, publicity and advertising for companies, products and events.

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